Bedroom favourites

grey bedroom
White bedroom corner

A couple of bedrooms for you today, clean lines and keeping the space as free from clutter as possible. I like bedrooms when they are nearly empty, maybe it is because I never lived in a big enough house to have the luxury of a separate room for wardrobe/storage, an empty bedroom is not as easy as it may sound! I also love the cleanness of white bedsheets matched either with contrasting black details or soft greys!

(bedroom 1/ bedroom 2)


  1. I'm with you on nearly empty bedrooms - these look so tranquil. Unfortunately my bedroom has all the 'stuff' in it in an attempt to keep the lounge 'calm' (doesn't work...), but I can dream of one like these!

  2. Oh, those lights! I just know I'd want to move the bed as soon as I fixed them. A calm bedroom is the best...

  3. Look so nice and perfect, I wish I can have my side of the bed like those ones haha!


  4. WOW !
    SO AM I.