On a warm evening

Hello on a warm Sunday afternoon! I just cannot get over how beautiful the weather has been these last few days. Sleeping with the window open and wearing sort sleeve tops at night is not something that I was counting on happening this summer in Ireland, but thank god I was wrong! And this is my tribute to summer, a mood board of the things I love about it!

flying birds, black and white image
 The very early mornings before the city has properly waken up and yet being very bright and already warm (image via).
Not depending on time; go to bed late, get up early, skip lunch, have too many coffees! Getting around the clock is easier in the summer (image via).
Summer is the only season I like my bed being messy and unmade. Not sure how this happens, probably it is warm enough for me not to care (image via).
turquoise sea
The colour of the sea (image via).
water bottle design
The taste of cold water (image via).
Walking barefoot (image via).


  1. Beautiful images Maria, horray for the sunshine!

  2. Love the fact that summer heat slows us down - more chat, less work - can't be bad, eh? Claire :)