Nature in our home

lily flower in a glass | FloorNumberFour. blog
A lily flower for nature in the home series | FloorNumberFour. blog

When Lou from little green shed asked us to get a photograph with the theme simple for this week's nature in the home series I could not think of how to go about it! In my head simple would be to get out and pick any flower from the garden or from the park, put them in a jar and take the photograph. But this is what I have been doing all along and I have photographed all the flowers of our garden, some of them were even featured twice. Also, due to this super fab warm weather we are having for the past week and a bit most of the blooms are gone anyway. Then this morning and while making my coffee in the kitchen I noticed this flower in a glass! It had fall off from the huge bouquet that is in a vase on the kitchen table while my husband was moving it around. He felt too sorry for the little flower to trow it in the bin so he put it in  a glass of water instead and let it be. And this to me looked simple, and beautiful and pretty and well deserved to be here today, don't you think?


  1. I love that your husband has got the type of heart to feel sorry for a flower....i so get it! and i am thrilled for this simple bloom that it got featured and makes me want to cheer for the underdog in victory! fabulous xxxxx

  2. That shift from green to almost white, it's like a pattern in 70s wallpaper, very retro, and absolutely beautiful.

    Oh, and what Jane said too :)

  3. Totally deserves to be here in this post <3