This week's ♥

hanging plant, handmade out of leather

Hanging planters seems to be this summer's way to go! There are so many different designs, materials and colours around at the moment it is even hard to choose! Today I am going for the Pyramid Bead Plant Hanger; handmade out of leather and can be found here.
white round low coffee table

The Toulouse low table designed by Jasper Morrison and made out of Carrara marble, matte polished and finished via here.
Iittala's Vitrini

And finally, I keep checking out Iittala's Vitrini series and I think I would love a pair for our living room! These little glass boxes come in a choice of different colours and sizes and they are perfect for displaying little objects or collections (via here)! 


  1. Love the hanging planter! I just recently bought one from Atelier Stella for my happy home:-) Happy weekend!!

  2. Yes I love these planters... They even inspired me to revisit my mums old macramé books for a quick how to! Haven't got round to it yet though, and suspect I never will!

    1. I keep saying to myself I will try to DIY one soon but I do not seem to get around to do so either, oh well... maybe one day!