Happy birthday me

birthday cupcake with less candles than my age

Today is this time of the year when one (me) has her cake (even if it is tiny), blows a few candles, thinks of a new wish and quite possibly receives some presents! Strange thing with birthdays as you get older, sometimes you like them sometimes you hate them! For me it is the first one this year as having done all the above and even got my picture to share a bite of my birthday cake with you, I am now getting ready to catch a flight for our summer holiday. And needless to say I will also be getting a cake with candles once I land on the other side too (oh yeah)! 

So catch you all in a couple of weeks, june 20th to be exact! The shop will stay closed until then but I have set a few posts to go on the blog while I am away and I am hopping you will enjoy them! My camera is packed too and hopefully I will be sharing a few nice memories once I am back! Meanwhile, have a lovely time the sun is finally shinning!


  1. Happy Birthday, have a lovely time! x

  2. Have a wonderful time Maria and enjoy your birthday celebrations xo

  3. A very belated thank you for your wishes! x