17/ 52weeks of happy

cafe in killarney

A Saturday post is a rather rare thing for me, but I am going for it today since my schedule is such a mess anyway, plus I did not want to miss out the list of this week's happy smily occasions! 

::  The sun has been shinning sporadically lately and we have enjoyed every second of it! A few walks around the park plus a cup of coffee last Saturday in a sunny cafe down town, we sat by the window and spied on people walking by. A lot of people, I love how busy and cheerful this place gets instantly the minute the sun comes out!

::  It is the greek easter this weekend and my godmother sent me some easter bread in the post, a yummi nibble to accompany my coffee in the morning!

::  The spring cleaning duties are done! Our place is now tidy, clean and decluttered in time to be enjoyed this weekend! 

::  I am going through some brainstorming at the moment which does make me happy, a lot of new work for my shop is on its way! I am planning a few changes here too, it should all come together finally!

▲ ▲    E N J O Y  Y O U R  W E E K E N D   ▲ ▲ 

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  1. Love your woodland shot.
    Enjoy your Easter and look forward to seeing all the new goodies. x

  2. Χρόνια Πολλά, αν και είσαι μακριά από το παραδοσιακό ορθόδοξο Πάσχα, τουλάχιστον πήρες μια γεύση από το εορταστικό ψωμί της γιαγιάς!!! Δεν είναι καταπληκτικές οι γιαγιάδες!!! Πάντα σε σκέφτονται και σου στέλνουν τα πιο απίθανα πράγματα.

  3. χρόνια πολλά μαρία!
    it's very nice that the sun is shining there too!

  4. Love all your pics. Cool blog.