Nature in our home

white tulip on white background
white tulips
white tulip

White tulips, my favourite flower! I got them the other day and I cannot get enough of them! The last few days we had some extreme weather here, rain and wind that was so strong it ripped off the fence at the back garden! So I will take your challenge and go forage Lou but it will be next week when hopefully I will get access to the outside without risking being blown away! 

Linking up with little green shed's nature in the home series.


  1. Beautiful. I am typing this message while looking at my sunny yellow tulips on my sideboard. Hail you spring!

  2. Beautiful, the weather from Ireland arrived in London today too!

  3. Ha yes! Same here... that wind is blowing!! Yes do it next week.. these tulips are divine! xx

  4. Beautiful photos! Have a happy weekend :)