Monday decisions

Lately I seem to have entered another mojo-eclipse period! There are a handful of things I would like to be getting on with and yet I do not seem to be able to bring myself around to it. For one I would like to go back to my everyday blogging routine and get enthused about little everyday finds, make this space lively again, take my poor dusty camera out of the closet and start taking pretty photographs (enough with all these from above shots)! I also need to put my time and work in order, I do not know how I went into the hard-to-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning loop but I need to snap out of it. Also I feel I should get out a bit more, as in for long walks, it has been ages since I last did and I cannot blame it all to the weather! The exercise and the fresh air will also be good for clearing my head! So here is to a very progressive week and a very happy Monday to you all! 


  1. Good luck, sometimes it is hard to get on with things, I am always making excuses and doing something else instead, human nature I think, the walks are good though with our dog now I am always out for a walk the minute the kids are off to school and it really does put you in a good mood, even if it is around the block!
    Happy Progressive week. x

  2. Sounds like good plans! I need to get out for some long walks with my camera, especially now the weather is better. Need to find my blogging inspiration too after taking a little break. Just having a catch up and love your shop - gorgeous things, well done! xx

  3. I've been in the exact same state of mind. I set out some very ambitious goals for myself earlier this year, but lately, life has drowned me with it's mundane duties and I find it difficult to make time for anything. Or maybe I'm just lazy, but I totally understand that 'not getting out of thebed' feeling.. funny thing is, I posted something similar on my blog.

    Stop by if you ever get a chance :)


  4. Love that first bag off for window shopping. x

  5. Esp. love the bags!!
    Your rain cloud has got very grey and the Irish raindrops are too cute xxx