Lovely Etsy finds

plate with stem

Some more etsy finds recently; this cute little plate Oh hello it is called, to whatever delicious is going to be going in it, cake maybe?! It is made by Rachel Basinger, who is also a fellow cloud enthusiast going by some of her lovely creations! I would suggest that you check her etsy shop Oh no Rachio, you will find more lovely stuff there.

hanging flower pots

As the spring is catching on sunlight blossoms everywhere outside, I like to see more plants indoors too! The mini hanging planters are a fab display idea! Of course I love them because the actual pots are white (white agrees with me a lot) and also because of the little cording strings and the natural wood beads, such a discreet and balanced addition of colour! They are made by Melissa of Hruskaa

And finally, the instant comfort pocket box of You Can Do Anything (yes you can!) plus a car! A perfect reminder to myself about driving on the left here in Ireland (just in case you are new here I am from Greece and only recently moved to Ireland so I am still pretty insecure of driving on the left side of the road)! It is made by Kim Welling, I am pretty sure most of you know her and her work, Kim Welling also has a fab blog I like to read! 


  1. Very cute! I just bought a hanging planter and I am so in love with it! So trendy!!

  2. Thanks for the feature! (And for following my blog) ;-)

  3. Oh love Kim's work off for a peep. x

  4. I love the plant hangers so much,i'm trying to do one myself :D