And the giveaway winner is...

paper clouds

Hello! Hope you are all enjoying your Monday so far! Meanwhile, here at Floor Number Four a few paper clouds went into a bowl and the winner of the GIVEAWAY has been picked! Actually since it is my first giveaway two winners have been picked, yay, it just felt like one was not enough! So Cathrine Trettien [31] you have won the Happy Umbrella and Evdokia Tsiligiridou you have won Happy Bear! Just send me your contact details to my email so I can go ahead and put them in the post for you! Thank you all for entering, you can still get my prints from the shop and for the next week I have set a 15% OFF DISCOUNT on all them. Just type HAPPYCLOUDS when you place your order, the offer ends on Monday May 6th! And have a lovely week! 


  1. γιούπιιιιιιιιιιιιιι!!!!
    you made me very happy!!!!
    thank you maria!!!!
    i will send you my adress!!!!

  2. Such a cute draw. Well done to the winners xo

  3. Oh no, what a pity that I've missed your give-away!! Congratulations on both winners!