16/ 52weeks of happy

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My blog schedule once again is a mess! I have a handful of things to be dealing with at the moment and I find it a bit hard to get around with everything so unfortunately my blog is the one that gets left out while I am trying to keep up with all the other deadlines! And while I did not find much time to write my posts lately, you might have noticed that I kept changing everything around the blog (and I am still not convinced about the looks of it)! It must be the spring, it totally drives me nuts and I keep swapping between ideas and projects and I really need more hours in a day to finish everything! And while all this is happening around here of course there were a lot of small things that made me smile too, like

::  The feeling of drinking cold chocolate straight from the bottle on a warm sunny day. 

::  Sending out a few of my first prints in the post.

::  Watching the Spiral/ series four, in my favourite language (French that is, possibly the only language that swearing actually sounds nice)!

::  Noticing that nature around us is starting to blossom!

▲ ▲    H A V E  A  R E F R E S H I N G  W E E K E N D   ▲ ▲ 

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  1. I love the small things that make me smile, too! Happy weekend, Maria!

  2. Lovely to see more daisy's! x

  3. Love the way you photograph white, it feels so clean and pure xx

  4. perfect. made my day. and I agree with Dawn, your site and photography are just so lovely. xo

  5. Oh such lovely happy things Maria. So pleased that you are sending out some of your prints, they are fantastic. Very well done. x