A wish list for our house

Hello on a Tuesday afternoon! I am kind of day dreaming on my desk today, about some objects for our house that is. Here are some of the things currently at the top of my wish list, obviously I like them a lot so maybe you will enjoy them too!  

flower vase hand drawn
  Henrietta the big Flower Me Happy Pot by Meyer Lavigne

tomado shelves
  A small Tomado shelving unit (image via here).

cushion with triangles
  A triangles pillow from Kind by Nature.

neon light
   A neon wall light (image via here).

indoor plant, peperomioides
  A pilea peperomioides plan! To be honest I am a bit embarashed to ask the florist for a pilea peperomioides, what if he has never heard of it? He will think I am talking some Harry Potter mumbo jumbo! (image via here)

geometric black and white blanket and rug
  This blanket by Ferm Living and this rug by Couverture and the Garbstore.


  1. Love your picks! Henrietta is a cutie, she's been featured on Happy Interior Blog, too:-) The plant is fab - I would show the florist a pic of it on my smartphone:-)

    1. We both have fab taste Igor, what can I say! Good idea about the photograph, that's how I will go about it!

  2. I just love that planter and how amazing a wall light would be!! I love it! It would really brighten up any space!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Especially love Henrietta. x

  4. love, love that you are want to ask for a pilea peperomioides plant. perfect. and perfectly harry potter as well. professor sprout would approve. xo

    1. I had this terrible idea that I would be laughed at, but I will go with the suggestion above and saw them a photograph of the plant on my phone!

  5. Ooh love it all! The Henrietta pot is so sweet and that Ferm living blanket is lovely. xx