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Happy Friday friends, hope it is a good one; and before I start counting my next week's happ-ies already here goes what made me smile the last 7days!

::  Eating chocolate in bed

::  Sneakily watching through the kitchen window the neighbour's dog burying his bone in our garden, and giving him a big scare by tapping on the window (I did not mean to scare him by the way, but he was so funny getting caught)!

::  I got a new pen and I love doodling on everything with it, I love new pens!

::  Days are getting longer (not necessarily sunnier yet but hey getting there too)! 

▲ ▲   H A V E  A  G O R G E O U S  W E E K E N D  ▲ ▲ 

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  1. lovely happies especially love the doodles. x

  2. I love getting a new pen too, the simple things 'ey!
    Have a lovely weekend yourself x



  3. Chocolate in bed, now there's a guilty pleasure. Love the expressions on the bunny doodles. Happy weekend xo

  4. ADORE! I love happies. I have been doing little gratitude posts on monday, i think i like these happies too. i am grateful for things that make people happy (in a good way, of course). thanks so for stopping by so i could find my way to this lovely blog. xo

  5. Your photos are so beautiful

  6. Great pictures, I love your doodles. I love new pens too - and new notebooks! xx

  7. Hello, I talk about you in my blog.
    I love your work.


  8. the dog short story is funny :)
    lovely bunnies!

  9. I love all the images, and the illustrations and the bag i so lovely! /Elina