Pins of the week

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour! I am about to get out for awhile, sort some of my bits and bobs. But first a few things that caught my eye lately., and just to be clear I am currently going through a pattern phase. I am also going through a black and white phase, must be the coming spring my moto is painted all white throw some blacks infront!

fine little day cushions   Pretty pretty pillows everywhere by Fine Little Day.

70s style speakers, wood   Speakers and wires annoy me, but I like this pair spotted in Apartment Therapy, very elegant!

le train fantome, ozzie rabbit, black dot costume  Little ozzie rabbit wearing a black dot costume by Le Train Fantome, cuute!

minimal tape holder
  Clear lines/ gorgeous tape holder by Metaphys!

grey towel by muku
  This pair of towels by muku! They look smooth, cosy, fluffy and I want them!


  1. Love all that black and white and a splash of monochrome too, perfect.

  2. Lovely inspiration!!! I have the cute Gran cushion from Fine Little Day!

  3. the bunny and the towels,
    my favorites!