The Liebster award

Hello again, how have you all been? Did you have a nice weekend, are you after a nice week start? I am enjoing the first few days of my holiday and I would be lying if I told you I had any time to spend on the computer. So it is most likely that I will not have any post ready for tomorrow. I do however think it is about time to deal with the Liebster award that was passed on to me by the lovely Hazel from Cupcakery (also kind of my neighbour, only a couple of towns down the Irish coast from me) about three weeks ago! And only last Friday I was passed on the same award by Jen from My Sentimental Jamboree. As part of it I have to share 11 random things about myself, answer 11 questions asked and pass this award to 11 blogs I like (with less than 300 followers)! And I finally got around to it today... (only I am answearing half the questions that Hazel asked and half of the questions Jen asked) and here it goes!

(a couple of random pics I took in Australia about a year ago when we were visiting, nothing to do with the Liebster but a great opportunity to share them. A bit of a warm sunshine reminder in the heart of the winter.)

11 random things about me
Thursday has always been my favourite day of the week.
I am not a person that will finish reading a book or watching a movie if I do not like the first half of it.
I do judge a book by its cover.
I am an architect but I have been doing some of my own illustrations lately and I am very close at  putting my work together and sharing with you my new online shop.
I could live on fresh bread, butter and feta.
I wear my wedding ring on my second finger (not to be cool or unconventional, I just cannot stand jewellery on the rest of my fingers).
I am very bad at remembering names. 
I like soft lights, I hardly ever use the ceiling lights in the house (I make sure to have a good few side lamps and little lights in every room)!
I love white in a space, but like a lot of it!
I find pealing clementines very calming.
I have never made snow angels, seriously... me lying down on the cold snow, never!

11 questions asked by Hazel:and Jen

Your favorite scent?
My perfume, Kenzo amour.

What is your favourite dessert?
Something with chocolate, an eclair!

John or Paul?
This question made me laugh, probably Paul!

Where would you love to visit most in the world?

What is your current vice?
Drinking too much coffee.

Glass half empty or half full?
Glass half filled, I like to think myself as a realist.

Are you a city or a country mouse?
Definitely a city mouse, the bigger the city the better!

What is you earliest childhood recollection?
Forgetting my hand paints out in the sun and finding them the next day rock hard dried out :(

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl.

Have you any pet peeves?
Rude people.

Summer or winter?
I like the winter start, when it is time to put your boots on and take the woolen things out, and I like the early summer when there is more light and nights get warm! I like change I could not live in the same season all year round!

11 questions I would like to find out from the bloggers I am passing the award to
Is there a language you wish you could speak?
What is your favorite pattern?
Colour or black and white?
Do you have a pet and what do you call it?
Are you a coffee or a tea addict?
A movie you liked a lot recently
Your ideal Saturday morning start
One of your hobbies
Your favourite dish
The household job you hate the most

11 blogs I like to read and therefor I would like to find out the above about them

Scraps of us
A quite corner
Two+Two (A simple life)

So there you go guys cannot wait for your answers, hope you will share the fun!


  1. Thank you so much Maria, I will try and do this. I loved reading your answers and great questions to answer too. Oh and the Australia pics look amazing! Have a wonderful holiday. xx

  2. Oh, thank you. So fun! I hope I'll get the time to answer it. /Elina

  3. Thank you Maria, I also had one from The Linen Cloud as yet unanswered too! May be I will do as you did and combine the two!
    Enjoy Greece x

  4. ΩΩΩΩΩ!Σ' ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ Μαρία!Μόλις βρω τον χρόνο, θα προσπαθήσω να απαντήσω σε όλες σου τις ερωτήσεις!Να περάσεις όμορφα και να διασκεδάσεις ακόμη περισσότερο!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Maria! Loved your answers- and your new questions! Will endeavour to put some proper thought into the answers...coming to a blog post soon!! X

  6. Thank you so much Maria. I will put some answers together for your lovely questions very soon x

  7. thank you maria!

  8. Thank you Maria! I get to work quickly! ;-)