Blue pins

Since it is the blue Monday week we are going through I though that maybe keeping the blue colour in my posts will kind of keep the blues only to this direction; the colour tone of the pictures rather than the mood that is! So lets share these blues today!

  A retro 70s school bag! I used to have a similar one when I started school that came with a matching pencil case. I didn't like it back then and I gave it up for a fabric one that I considered to be a bit cooler and definitely lighter! Huh, who would have thought that nearly half a lifetime later I would consider it a fashion mistake!

   I want to try and diy something like this eventually, but somehow I keep delaying the idea. This colourful hand stitched blanket is from Hermit Homewares and it is very pretty indeed, no?

   Now this diy cake is something I could totally handle, even though I am not exactly the queen of the kitchen! But no worries about the looks of your bake here, just throw all the ingredients together, add a toy truck on top and presto! Looking fantastic!

  And finally these blue floor tiles, just because they look fantastic in blue!


  1. Those tiles are so beautiful. Love that bag too!

  2. That cake is brilliant, think I could probably manage that one! Love the school bag too. x