A bit under the weather

orla kiely umbrella

Hello again strangers! It has been a while now and my blogging has lost its rhythm. The truth is I was very busy before new years and then I got myself a very nice cold (from which I have not fully recovered even today) and it messed up my work schedule big time so I am still trying to organise everything to get back to normal. And while the real life is very busy and I am getting around to bits and pieces which admittedly I find very joyful, I have on the other hand kind of lost my blogging mojo. I am sure it is only temporary and soon I will be all happily taking more pictures, chit-chatting around the net and informing you about my plans for this year (there are a few things I am planning on doing and cannot wait to share the news), but at the moment I need a few more days off. Hope you will still be around then, not that I am going for such a long time... just saying! And have a lovely week!


  1. Hope you feel better soon, it's terrible when it strikes you own! My youngest daughter got it bad and it meant that I didn't have time to blog, now wondering about it all! From my point of view it is good to have you back! D xxx

  2. wish you get better quick!
    it's really cold here! it's snowing in athens...

    ωραία ομπρέλα!

  3. I often lose my blogging mojo, but it only takes a few inspiring bits and pieces to get me back at it again! Having said that, enjoy the break and getting life back to normal. Look forward to seeing more posts from you soon. Ps nice umbrella is it orla?