8/ 52weeks of happy

Hello Friday, I am sorry I have been a little quite this week! I am finally making some progress on my work and I am getting things back to normal after all the delays caused by my super flue earlier this month. Anyway... back on my feet and plenty of things to be happy about, like:

::  Being able to breath again trough both of my nostrils, at the same time too wow!

::  Getting a little present on the post from the very talented textile designer Hermine Van Dijck (also with a nice blog). My present being a very nice pouch (as you can see for yourselves in the pictures) a 100% made by Hermine and I couldn't be more smitten by it! 

::  Also, this week I was picked together with a few other blogs by Hazel from Cupcakery for a Liebster Award. I will be posting all about it next week! 

::  And last but definitely not the least, I have a perfect new project involving the design for a bungalow extension and full renovation, hurray!

▲ ▲   H A V E  A N  I N S P I R I N G  W E E K E N D  ▲ ▲ 

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  1. Well done on the extension job sounds exciting anfd thank goodness you now feel better ! x

  2. I like that! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Oh that's a beautiful pouch, gorgeous colours. Such great happy things. x

  4. I love her blog too, that pouch is really nice! And I hope you feel better soon, sometimes getting better after a flue can take weeks.