6+7/ 52weeks of happy

orla kiely mug
toblerone cake
killarney town at christmas

Hello nice people, how are you all keeping? I had a couple of very busy weeks and Christmas flew so fast I would be lying if I told you I have realised it is already gone. But it was still nice, I love these few days in the middle of the winter with all the family gatherings and the exchange of presents (oh  presents who doesn't like them, I'd say we are all young at heart when it comes to presents), and it is nice to have a few more days of celebrations until new year's eve! Here is what made me happy the last few days of 2012;

::  Receiving my presents of course (a lot of which involved Orla Kiely), and gifting a few!

::  The excitement of going to watch the hobbit on 3d (you should have seen the amount of candy I was caring in my bag that night, as if I was planning to live in the cinema for a week). 

::  The smell of christmas potpourri. 

::  Turkey sandwiches and toblerone cakes.

::  Rearranging our bedroom and placing small new additions!

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  1. I love this in-between Christmas and New Year time too - it's like we're on pause. Lovely happ-ies and pics xo

    1. Only a few more days left, enjoy it as much as you can until next year! x

  2. Toblerone cake? That sounds amazing! Love your picture of the Christmas lights. x

  3. We got the exact same mug - my family know we well. The cake looks awesome!

    Happy New Year :)

    1. We have a very good taste :) Happy new year to you too Laura! x