This week's finds

Bonjour! The weather has been turning nice and cold and the little Irish town I am in has been decorated for christmas already! I however, thought that it is a bit early to be joining in the holiday mood so I am still posting some christmas-free random finds... well almost  christmas-free (keep rolling and you will see that I am not totally intact by the coming holidays)!  

▼  Porcelain cups by Sweet Ceramics from here.

▼  A crochet elephant goes to Paris by Miga de Pan from here.

▼  A petite lamp by Serge Mouille from here and Oysho pyjamas from here.

▼  A wire basket for organising your papers from here.

▼  Some diy christmas balls ready to be folded from here, although I am sure that these paper balls will look pretty all year round. 

▼  Stencil cut paper bags to be used with battery operated candles spotted here, and wooden calculator (because plastic is not always fantastic) from here.


  1. love the cups, the pyjamas!!! & the folded balls! :))

    winter here today...

  2. Love the basket and the folded paper lights too.

    1. I am very into these wire baskets lately and i love the colours of the diy paper balls!

  3. Everything Lenneke Wispelwey makes is pretty.. And I love these Christmas ornaments too!!