Random pins to make you smile

Today I think I just got out of bed on the wrong side and I am in a very grumpy mood for no apparent reason! Maybe everything will start looking better after my third cup of coffee. And just to boost the chances of this happening here is a collection of some pretty things I have pinned lately; A few things to make me smile and hope they have the same effect on you too!

grey bedroom corner detail, bunny wallpaper
▲   A nice bedroom corner! I love minimal interiors, I think it is because everything you choose to leave exposed is like a styled detail, even if it is you slippers by the bed. Also, since I am the cleaning lady of the house I like getting the cleaning job done fast, and minimal is good like this!  
▲   I saw these rabbits and I thought they would be perfect as a wallpaper, what do you think?

   A cute kitten sleeping on pastel toned books. Would this picture be less cute if the books were of a different colour? Hell yes!
   A lovely cutout do-it-different poster, one day I should!

▲   A pretty handmade doll, looking good and cosy in her outfit!
   If you live in Ireland you get addicted to green (it just happens not sure how), and then you see a picture of a green facade and you go "hey, this is cool, I am definitely pinning this"

hand drawn pot
    Satsuki Shibuya's mint chocochip pot. It was love at first site when I saw it! 

   My favourite quote for today and do not forget to look around for the pretty details! 


  1. Lovely finds hope you cheered up!!!
    maybe another cuppa!

  2. very nice pins!
    the kitty is so cute!
    & the poster of "one day do it different" very good!
    i think the rabbits would be a nice wallpaper for a small area of the wall!

    κρύωσε ο καιρός σήμερα...!
    το outfit της κουκλίτσας είναι ότι πρέπει! :)


  3. Holy adorable!!!! That kitten picture is so cute!

  4. Nice rabbits. And that quote is very good, it applies to me I'm sure. Hope your mood has lifted. Happy Wednesday evening x