Out of order

I did not mean to leave my blog without food today! Especially, since I have set my menu only last week. The truth is I had a rather busy weekend; one of those that everything was going like planned and then bits started not to work (aka my printer), and everything went down hill ever after. Which leads to today and I had more than plenty to be dealing with including printer first aid sourcing! So I will leave you with two snaps of my day today, my walk back home and my lunch! And I am only after  joining  Instagram (after a few months of resistance I have finally given in)! Enjoy your evenings, I am definitely planning on-a-couch-escape any minute now! 


  1. let's connect in instagram! :)

    1. Lets! Σε έψαξα κ είσαι στο instagrid, δεν είμαι σίγουρη πως γίνεται?!