Le menu

I decided to organise things a bit better here on my blog. My posts tend to get random every so often; I am either too cold or too warm, my mojo goes missing every now and again or life gets in the way. So I am going to set a theme for three out of the five weekdays, hoping that this will help me get a better rhythm. 

This is what I am going for :

  Tuesdays I am posting about things that caught my eye, either random things I pinned, blogs I discovered, some hot architecture from around the globe or fab styled interiors.

  Wednesday is the mid-week quote day! I am a bit of a quote junky so I figured out that I should share here with you some random words (of wisdom or not) that for whatever reason make sense in my head.

  And Fridays I will be posting about things that made me smile/ things that I am grateful for. Which is actually little birdie's 52 Weeks of Happy project and I am joining in!

  Mondays and Thursdays are theme-free days, I will be going for whatever exciting or not so exciting is going on around here. 

So there I go, ta-daa! 
Oooh, and my blog's list for this month is updated so if you would like to check it out it's on the side bar  : )


  1. Nice - I like a good blog menu! x

  2. Ωραία ιδέα!!!Ως Παρθένος(ζωδιακά) λατρεύω τα προγράμματα,χι!χι!χι!

  3. Love it - great idea. And so happy that you are joining in with 52 weeks. x

  4. Lovely ideas, any tips on my blog, as I am more into Pinterest than blogging, really need to keep it simple,not sure how?
    D xx

  5. Love your blog menu:-) Can't wait to read more!

  6. wish you a good start with you new menu :))

  7. this is so very awesome. love the idea of a blog menu. so so perfect. you know what your schedule is...why not let others know? xo