1/ 52weeks of happy

About one and a half month ago my dear blog friend Jen from little birdie started posting once a week about the things that made her happy! I found that her posts were passing on some sort of a contagious smile, and on many occasions made me nod along in a "Oh yeah...homemade soup the other day was such a delight!" kind of manner, or "Last time I had a pretty looking latte was about a month ago in Greece, and yes I remember it made me smile too!" and so on... So after one and a half month of hesitation I decided to join her 52 weeks of happy project and keep my own diary of things that made me happy. And here goes my first of a 52post-series of things that made me happy/smile this week! 

::  Walking back home with my husband after a Saturday night out eating messy, greasy southern fried chicken and chips, we haven't done this in years!

::  My 4 1/2 year old Irish nephew correcting my accent, "It's not rasty, it's Rusty'' (we were talking about the neighbour's dog)!

::  The smell of freshly washed linen.

::  A little leaf sunbathing on my window this morning.

::  Having completed my first week of posts on the menu.

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