1/ 52weeks of happy

About one and a half month ago my dear blog friend Jen from little birdie started posting once a week about the things that made her happy! I found that her posts were passing on some sort of a contagious smile, and on many occasions made me nod along in a "Oh yeah...homemade soup the other day was such a delight!" kind of manner, or "Last time I had a pretty looking latte was about a month ago in Greece, and yes I remember it made me smile too!" and so on... So after one and a half month of hesitation I decided to join her 52 weeks of happy project and keep my own diary of things that made me happy. And here goes my first of a 52post-series of things that made me happy/smile this week! 

::  Walking back home with my husband after a Saturday night out eating messy, greasy southern fried chicken and chips, we haven't done this in years!

::  My 4 1/2 year old Irish nephew correcting my accent, "It's not rasty, it's Rusty'' (we were talking about the neighbour's dog)!

::  The smell of freshly washed linen.

::  A little leaf sunbathing on my window this morning.

::  Having completed my first week of posts on the menu.

▲ ▲   H A V E  A  L O V E L Y  W E E K E N D  ▲ ▲    


  1. I agree I love the idea, just need to find time to join in!!
    Lots of happiness to enjoy and share, great images and ideas.

  2. Oh gorgeous post and thanks for the mention. Love your happy. x

  3. Hi, just discovered that you're joining this project - that makes me happy. Beautiful words and photos xo

    1. Thank you for your warm welcome, calling over to check your happy(s)! x