The morning before halloween

Hello again and how are you all after this long weekend? Were there any spooky dress-ups on your side? The weather went really cold on Friday night here, brrrr. We did however get dressed and went out that evening. These are my friend's legs by the way, she was a scary witch! She was wearing these super fab black and white striped stockings. Very wizard of Oz don't you think? I also had my fringe cut (nothing to do with Halloween but since I am sharing the highlights of the last few days here...)! I was growing it for the past year and as it finally reached the length of the rest of my hair I decided it was not for me. So as I was passing by the hairdresser's one evening, I walked in and had the job done in five minutes max! I am very happy with the result! And today I am back to work with a very busy week ahead of me and lots of things that need to be dealt with and finished. I am already looking forward to the next weekend! 

w h a t  i s  t h e  p l a n  f o r  t o m o r r o w ?  t r i c k  o r  t r e a t ?


  1. nice striped stockings! very witchy!
    a lot of rain here through the weekend...
    μας χάλασε την εκδρομή στον ταξιάρχη...
    enjoy your new haircut!

  2. Those tights are amazing! And what great pictures. Happy Halloween. x

  3. Tell your friend her tights are fab!
    Happy Irish Halloween.

  4. Αυτό το κολάν θα το έβαζα άνετα στη συλλογή μου!!!Ωραίες είναι οι αλλαγές: νέο περιβάλλον και νέα εμφάνιση. Μεγειά!