Random pins of this week

A few things I spotted lately, little things for your table or couch, or a pair to wear if you are gonna be exposed to the mud! Keep rolling and I hope you will enjoy these finds too! 

white cups with colourful handles
▲   Lovely cups, don't you think? And how cute are these red and yellow slim handles, by Limo Ceramics via here.

mountain cushion in grey and white
▲   The sisters plush wool pillow by Three Bad Seeds via here

mushroom cushions by donna wilson
▲   Suki mushroom characters from Donna Wilson's new collection via here.

▲   A quote I spottedit is so me, I hope it is so you too!   ▲   And must have see-through wellington boots (although only available in 36) by Kling via here. Wouldn't you just love to get them all muddy?

▲   Teapot and milk retro set with a stem flower via here.

rope plate in white
▲   A pretty rope tray in pink and white by Terrain via here.


  1. Lovely finds, especially the tea pot.
    Although we live in London, our puppy seeks out mud where ever she goes!

  2. Λατρεύω ο,τι φτιάχνει η Donna Wilson και δυστυχώς τα περισσότερα είναι ακριβά!!!Έχω αγοράσει,πάντως, μια πλεκτή φιγούρα στο το γιό μου και παρόλο το περίεργο σχήμα που δίνει στις δημιουργίες της, ο γιός μου το αγάπησε!!!

    1. Ναί πράγματι, γενίκος οτιδήποτε έχω δει σε πλεκτό είναι ακριβό και από άλλους ντιζάινερ. Ο μικρός σου έχει πολύ καλό γούστο! : )

  3. love those cups! pinning immediately!