Random pins of this week

It has been a while now that I have blogged nothing but my packing and moving out. So today I am having a break, hope you will enjoy this week's pins. 

 Plain yet cosy bedroom with a grey wall from here/ it is all in the details.
 Do you ever have too many ideas you just do not know how to start? A reminder tattoo with the instructions/ I am tempted! 

 A tea towel pair from here.

►  A dresses I  from here and ▼  paper tape for things packed with  from here

   Pretty packaging from here

   I want this carpet from here and ►  ceramic+wood tables from here.


  1. love your choices, good luck with all your move.

  2. Ωραία μοκέτα!Μου θυμίζει Tangram!!!

  3. oh I want that dress too now! (bank balance says no though :( ) x