On an autumn monday

As I have nearly completed my second week in Ireland I am slowly starting to get organised a bit better into the space. Even though I did do a lot of cloths clearance before sending them over, this weekend I put more of them for giving away. I also realised that for the past eleven years my husband had been building an extraordinary sock collection. I kind of had an idea of what was happening but I never quite realised the size of it. A lot of single, faded and wrecked socks included! They are all binned now, we brought them back where they started from (I am sure some of them are that old) and since the weekend I let them go! Our feng shui must be flying at the moment! 

There was a lovely sunset as seen from my window this evening!  And as I am told red sky at night shepherd's delight, and we will probably have a dry day tomorrow too! The days are getting smaller and it is already dark when I get out of bed in the morning. But I love autumn, and I am slowly getting settled even though there is a lot to be dealing with still. Halloween is practically around the corner and I am so happy we are here to celebrate it this year!

             H a v e  a  l o v e l y  w e e k             


  1. It must be a man thing. I similarly have had to bin a load of my husbands holey socks... not sure what he was holding onto them for...not sure he's even noticed they've gone...
    Lovely sunset by the way, fingers crossed we all have some sun tomorrow, it has been grey, misty damp and cold here today! x

    1. I know right, should have threw them out myself ages ago, next time I'll know better! Hope you'll get your sunshine! x