Away and back

Hello big city and hello nice people!

Our long-weekend of camping by the sea ended up being a full week. We were having such a nice time we decided to stay a few more days;  we had a spot under the shade, the sea was like a swimming pool and friends came along. It was a perfect week of constantly being in, at or by the sea! I got a tiny tan (about time just before the summer ends), and discovered that the inflatable loop is the second best thing to carry at the beach after the umbrella. There are so many ways to float over it and be in the water at the same time, very relaxing (and tanning), and when on the sand you can use it as a pillow, need I say more? Also, (a note to shelf for the future) we need to start bringing a barbeque when camping. Passing by some caravans in the late evening and getting the smell of the souvlaki and juicy burgers made us a bit (cough very) jealous! 

Now all I am left with is the memories plus a MASSIVE laundry job of everything we used while away! I would prefer it if it was only the memories.

        ♦         H a p p y   S e p t e m b e r         ♦          

The white cat in the photograph was camping with his owner by the beach, he looked very relaxed sleeping at the pergola; I have never seen a cat camping before! 


  1. very nice memories to follow you!
    wish you a happy september too! :)

  2. Wonderful hipstamatic images!

  3. Great images, love the idea of a camping cat, how cool!

  4. what gorgeous pictures. summer suits you. and now i have to track you down on pinterest, loving your pin selection down there. x

    1. Thanks Francesca, I enjoy your pinterest finds too! x