Bits and things

Some things I liked this summer, 

+  a good mojito (made by husband)                                
+  this restaurant in Montpellier (we have to visit it some time!)
+  the hand railing in a restaurant (I blogged about this here)
+  the light in a shop window I was walking by
+  this entrance to an apartment block
+  my friend's new green wall (there is nothing like a fresh painted wall!)
+  keeping in the shade
+  the glass floor of a cafe


  1. Love your friends green wall, tell her it looks fantastic!

  2. I love the parasol!!! :-) Have the best day. /Elina

  3. What a beautiful blog you have Maria, glad you popped over for my giveaway...fingers crossed for you (I love giveaways like you wouldn't believe)....I'm very jealous of you all warm and sunny in Greece this summer xx

    1. Thank you Emma! The weather here is only after calming down a bit, you definitely shouldn't be jealous of the summer we had though, way too hot! xx

  4. A beautiful collection of colours and memories! Over here in England we have only had a pocket sunny days. So my sunny posts are yet to come. D xxx
    Ps. Loving your pinterest finds!

  5. Very chic and bold! =)