Out in the heat

Four people, three days, two tents and bits of camping comfort equipment (aka chairs and a table) and we are back. I would love to tell you that it was breezy by the sea and our little escape cooled us down, but I would be lying. Don't get me wrong, it was enjoyable being in the sea again, but this was actually the only place it was bearable to be in during the day. The under-the-umbrella-solution would not work for long before we had to run for the sea again. But in the sea it was super, but really really super and so we got slightly burned. We kept applying sunscreen but..., would a steak not cook if it had sunscreen on while in the oven? So lets say we are happy to be back under a ceiling with the air-condition on, hoping for some weather change soon so we can actually try camping again without getting raw! 

These photographs are from around our tents in the early evening, when the sun was going down and so did the temperature, and my brain would start to function again. Hope your weekend was cool!


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