Lately and here

Hello again! Life has been very much nothing but ordinary during the last week and rather busy and fun last weekend. On Sunday we took part in a role play game in the Byzantine museum, it was fun! If you live here or happen to be visiting this time of the year check it out. It is organized once a year as part of the annual museum day and it is free of admission. Also, we had a barbecue on a balcony for my friend's birthday and played (another much simplified version of a role play) game called Getting dark in Palermo. If you are with a group of 7 or more friends and you would like to try it, this are the instructions (in greek but you can use translate). And finally, we watched this french movie which I totally adored! 

The downside, last night there was an earthquake in Sofia, about 250km away and it made floor number four (and most other floors in the city) swing long enough to have us panicked and aware. The ground has been rather shaky the last month here, we have been getting the swings weekend after weekend from different centers. Me not likes this! Then again, what you're gonna do, right?


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