Friday inspiration

Some things that caught my eye this week:

+  This bedroom, what a place to be waking up to!  
+  This parking sign, he said please!
+ These apple pillows, they come in green and red too. My birthday is coming up in a month, anyone? (husband, green or grey plz?)
+  This hanging pot. 
+  These crochet puff covers, looks easy enough for the ones who have skill, for the rest of us from here.
+  These stripey straws.

W i s h i n g   y o u   a   c o o l   w e e k e n d  !


  1. Love that parking sign! Maybe I should do that on my wall outside. I've just bought some stripey straws too for the boy's birthday. Happy weekend. x

  2. Lovely selection! Especially the parking sign :-)
    Have a nice weekend ^_^

  3. great parking sign, I'm not going to park there! Love the apples too...

  4. the bedroom in the first picture is so dreamy! great to wake up & sleep there too! it smells lavender to me :)
    lovely color picks!


  5. Εύχομαι να εισακουστεί η ευχή σου και να πάρεις το δώρο που θες!Μου άρεσε σαν ιδέα η κρεμαστή θήκη της γλάστρας!Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!