Sunshine and graffiti

Hello and good morning! I hope you are all after a nice weekend and an even nicer week start yesterday. Here the sun is finally out and so were we during the weekend! 

On Sunday I took a long walk with my friend at the upper neighbors of the city. It was a bit tiring walking up in the heat but we got nice views from above and a really crappy take away coffee, which never the less helped our thirst. These are some interesting graffitis we came across, before we decided it was too warm and our coffees were too bad and walked down to the city centre for our second (this time nice) coffee. There was a lovely graffiti at the wall next to the cafe we sat, but it was so full of people and I felt awkward standing up with my camera when everyone is looking! Oh well, next time, I am still shy taking photographs in public (is it only me?).  


  1. No I'm shy too! Great pictures of the grafitti - I always think it's quite beautiful. x

  2. coolcat graffiti!
    Nope hate to take photo's in public......
    Lucky you that the sun shines, still wet and grey in London.

  3. haha! same feeling too (sometimes)!...

    nice graffiti fotos? are these in Ano Poli?

  4. Good to know I am not on my own on this one, nevertheless I need to get over it!