Have a nice easter/ weekend

Husband and I drove yesterday to my grandmother's town, where we are spending the easter with my family. Today, being the easter Saturday it is a fasting day, so apart from preparing the food for tonight's supper there is not much else to do. Currently, we are waiting around for the time to pass until midnight, when it is all happening! First, we walk to the church with candles and eggs, light the candles, crash the eggs between us and walk back eating the eggs and carrying the light back home. And finally, we get to have supper. It is all very nice and lively the time around midnight during an easter saturday, but it is always better when it is a warm night (not the case this year). All this talk made me hungry and still a few hours to go!  

^^ Wishing you a nice easter, or just a another nice weekend depending on where you are ^^    


  1. Your Easter celebrations sound amazing! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, hope your weekend is great too!