Eggs and dogs

After four days of headaches, a runny nose, sneezing, coughing and whatever other symptoms follows a cold, I am back on my feet! Good news is that easter here this year is a week later to the rest of the world so I did not miss it, and today I joined forces with my friend to dye some eggs. 

+  The eggs

We tried lots of different tricks and ideas for making colorful nice patterned eggs; we used dotted stickers, basil leaves, and onion skins on the eggs, and wrapped them in stockings before putting them into the dye. Unfortunately, the result was pretty poor (I have very high standards you know, if it is not pantone compatible, no can do). So one photograph of the result, but lots of photographs of the process (I will be posting a few more shortly)!   

+  The dogs

Today, not only Barbie was around but my friend was dog-sitting for Nera, the pretty one in black and white fur (love her messy dots). There are a funny pair those two; Barbie is a bit older and likes to keep to herself and frankly not be bothered by a pet(!), and Nera looks up to Barbie and is always very interested, following her everywhere and driving her nuts. Also, Barbie is a real lady, Nera is more of a tomboy. Sometimes, we make dialogs with my friend filling in an imaginary chat between the dogs. Ok, I know it is a bit sad, but it is funny! 


  1. Love the eggs! loooks like you had fun.

  2. I like the egg with the face - it's brilliant. Glad you are a bit better! x