The Townhouse by Elding Oscarson

Houses do not have to be complicated or big to function properly and look pretty. Sometimes, a simple white box can look smart and elegant, and provide all the space and style you will ever need! Like the Townhouse designed by the Elding Oscarson Architects. The Townhouse is sandwiched between old low buildings in Landskrona, Sweden. It consists of three levels and its continuous interior space opens up equally to the street, the back garden, and the sky. 

+  Photos by Åke E:son Lindman via Elding Oscarson. 

And with this food for your eyes I am wishing you a very nice week!


  1. Such an incredible home. A little stunned that they were allowed to build something so modern in the midst of the older style homes. If only they allowed more of this in England! Love it! D x

    1. I know, it would be nice to see more houses like this everywhere!

  2. Gosh I love this house amazing, can't imagine you would ever get permission in London to build something like that in a row of terraced houses.
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  3. Lovely post of a beautiful home, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Wow amazing! I am quite stunned by the idea of not having a door to the bathroom....

  5. wow this house is great, its just so clean cut and perfect.