Last week I received the sunshine award from dear Tracey English, thank you! As part of it I have to answer the following questions and pass it on to 5 other sunny blogs. 

+  Favorite Colour: 
+  Animal: 
+  Non-alcoholic drink: 
   Cold water.
+  Facebook or Twitter
+  Getting or giving presents
   I like giving presents when I get them right and getting presents that I totally fall in love with. 
+  Flower:
   Orange tulips.
+  Pattern
   Triangles, dots, clouds, mustaches, elephants...
+  Passion
   Making things look nice.
+  Number

And I am passing it on to the following sunny blogs...


  1. hello maria thank you so very much for the link. i'm such a quiet follower of your blog. i added you in my twitter list so that i can be updated. thank you so much again.

  2. Thanks so much for bringing me some sunshine! I'll find it sooo hard to choose only five sunny blogs - off to do some thinking...

  3. hi there, just tumbled in from somewhere. enjoying your shared moments.
    yes to dogs and tulips. :)

  4. Hi! Thanks for the award. I must've written up my answers minutes before you tagged me. I loved reading this. : )