Monday likes

Helloo, hope you are all after a nice weekend! It is still grey and dull here with not much sign of the spring we are supposed to be going through, but what you are gonna do right? So after a comfortable indoors weekend here are a few pretty things I came across and thought you might like them too! Wishing you a nice week start!

+  Flower nails from here
+  Coffee cups from here
+  Wire tray from here
+  Coat hooks from here
+  Paper box from here
+  Teapot from here
+  Bread spoons from here
+  Katie necklace from here
+  Seamed sun planter from here
+  Monster pillow from here


  1. I love that monster pillow! That's brilliant. I have wanted one of those ForLife teapots for ages, but the Stump version. I went for a cup of tea on Saturday and they served me one and I did secretly think about stealing it! (but I didn't!). I'm a good girl. x

    1. You are very good Jen! I know what you mean alright, I remember having this evil feeling too over a nice coffee cup!

  2. Love the shape of the planter with tiny succulents growing out of it. And that Horvath-looking monster cracks me up! Good, good finds.

    1. This monster is one of those things I just love how silly it looks!

  3. So many great founds! I love them all!