Fresh from the market

Three new things on our table today. Flowers and strawberries from Friday's grocery market around the corner from our house, and zara-home room fragrance! This time we are going for the green herbs smell, it is actually very flowery and spring like. The strawberries are covered in sugar and soaking for a while before I get to eat them. Hope they are sweet, it is still a bit early for strawberries. 


  1. it looks so springy and happy! we are enjoying some daffodils on our table too! happy weekend! xo

  2. Ohgosh. Those strawberries sure look delicious! I'm also looking for a fresh, spring-like scent for my room. I hope I find one! :D I really like the photos on your blog btw! They look really nice! What camera do you use?

    1. Strawberries tasted delicious too! Most of my photos are with a canon eos 400d.