And the beat goes on

I am reporting a nice quite morning from floor number four! The sun is shining and things are about to get busier, it is time to deal with the massive pile of laundry I have been saving the last few rainy days! I am currently doing some work for a poster, I will probably talk to you about it next week, something to do with paper robots etc. Also, I made a commitment to do some more practicing on my knitting which has not gone very far since last time I posted about it. And finally, I would like to get some colorful bed linen but cannot find what I am looking for, frustrating!


  1. Robots look cool! I can't wait to see your poster. What kind of bedlinen are you looking for Maria? x

    1. Bright plane colors and patterns (polka dots, lines, triangles etc). Apparently, they don't exist as I picture them!