While we fly / Mid-week I likes+I wants

We are currently catching flights, not being overweigh (our luggages not us, although we are not either), and we are not stuck in any airports because of frost or any other extreme weather conditions. Oh, I almost forgot, there are no strikes either! I hope to be proven right about all the above as I have set this post to go on while we are getting from A (Kerry, Ireland) to B (Thessaloniki, Greece) via C (Stansted, England). There goes a few me-likes while we fly! Lame rhyme I know, having to travel makes me nervous... 

+  You can check out Let Me Have What I Want print here, it exactly fits my state of mind these days!
+  I love this look but if you take away the high heels (because of my disability to walk on them), the whole style is gone :(
+  I am thinking of letting my fringe grow.
+  You can get this tote bag here, but I got a fabric marker and I am looking for some things to draw on.
+   I need new boots and these are what I like so far.


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