Our new flatmate

A dear friend gave me this orchid as a welcome present a couple of weeks back when we returned from our travels. I really love orchids, it is one of my favorite plants. I am not however, known to be the kind of person orchids actually like to stay with for too long. I owned a couple of orchids on different occassions before, none of which made it through more than a month. This one is of a different kind thought so maybe there is hope. Also, it comes with very precise watering directions; once a week I have to put the pot inside a bowl of water, leave it there for exactly an hour and then take it out and allow excess water to dry off before I can put it back to its spot. It sounds like a military orchid programmed to work in accurate efficiency! I am not complaining, works fine by me, I can do as much for this pretty lady! There is also another note on the pot (a tip for those few of us with long living orchids), saying that once the orchid losses all its blossom keep in a cold environment to speed up the time till its next blossoming. That is fine if it happens within the next month, we have plenty of this so called cold environment at our balcony. But any longer and warm weather will hit here and it will be for a good long while. Now, we have no space in our fridge whatsoever, and it sounds as if we will be looking at a stick in a pot for the summer! I will keep you post it with her progress.    


  1. Beautiful flower. Your pictures are nice, simple and stylish. Have a great weekend!

    1. Enjoy your weekend too Minna, lets hope that the pretty plant will last long in my hands and I get to photograph it more!