My Paperweight collection

This is a collection of my university years. I got my first glass ball from a shop in Monastiraki, Athens just before I left Greece to go and study in England. My husband also got me one from a shop under Camden bridge in London the first year we were together. Most of the rest I got from the charity shop near the University, and all others came from Granada, Cordoba, Venice and Prague; I either picked them myself traveling there or friends got them for me on their travels. I can still recall one by one how they came to me, where from and whom by. We have no space for them in our tiny apartment so they are all packed up in a box. This is one collection I would like for sure to find the place to display!


  1. you have a great collection! i absolutely love the last one. :)

    1. The blue star fish, a very summery choice!!

  2. These are beautiful. So nice to discover your lovely blog... I just got lost for half an hour or so exploring.

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