My Kinder-egg collection

I am really proud of this collection, for no particular reason I just like it a lot! I started collecting the kinder-egg surprises the year they were first brought by the supermarkets here, it was sometime in the early '90s and at the time I was still in school. I carried on buying kinder-eggs all through my university years. Eventually, my habit spread to my housemates and there was a stage that the whole house was getting a kinder when we were doing the food shopping! Thank god there is not a lot of chocolate in a kinder-egg or I would have no teeth by now. Finally, I grew out of it. I never get them anymore although sometimes I check the boxes to see what surprise-series they have these days! This are only a few favorites; the photographs could easily go on for ever.


  1. jess griffin15/02/2012, 14:00

    You should have checked out the boys collection while you were here! They have those hippos too, one of them is breakdancing...very cute!

    1. How did I miss this?!! Next time I have to get to it, hopefully it won't be long till we get to see you again!