Like a bird on a wire

I came across this article a while ago in a magazine I picked at an airport on our way to Ireland. It is about the French artist Marie Christophe and her creations out of twisted wire turned into exquisite spheres, lamps, animals and inspiring sculptures of any sort. Her delicate work had her commissioned by the boutique Victoire to work on their Christmas window. An assignment that has been followed by a few others such as Dior, Hermés, Pierre Bergé, Roger Vivier and the Parisian store Colette. And if you are not yet convinced about her distinct style you can have a quick pip at here northern Parisian home and studio, which she shares with her furniture designer husband. I am drooling over this place! Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.


  1. Oh yes, i like it a lot! Great find. And i love that shot from the garden, through the door and in to the house, just stunning.

    1. This is my favorite bit of the house too!