I know the weather here is not supposed to be as cold as in other places, the snow never really got us, but we are still freezing. There is frost in the air. My toes seem to suffer the most, they are ice cold. My Pilates teacher once told me that to start your blood circulation working properly, when your hands and feet are cold, you should skip the rope. I never have but it would not surprise me if I start tomorrow. 

A Labrador dog running in excitement past me and into the lake, while I was staring at the ducks thinking of warm duvets made out of their feathers, had me stunned in astonishment! I was left feeling even colder after; the swans were a bit disturbed with the incident too, although I am guessing for different reasons. 


  1. I feel the cold very easily. My husband as this theory that works for him, but not so much for me. It is simply, go for a walk in the cold then you re-enter the house it will feel much warmer! Dx

    1. I did this a few weeks back and it kind of worked. But right now it is too cold, it took me ages to get my fingers working after being out for less than half an hour!