While in the guest's bedroom

The grey top and the black dress are my two purchases at this season’s sales, which I am very excited about! They are a bit summery but I intent to wear them the soonest with something underneath. The Burberry perfume sample I picked from the duty free on the way to Ireland. I am not sure if I prefer it to my current perfume, so I am sniffing it every so often to come to a conclusion. Plenty of time until I run out of my own. And the pair of high heals(ta-raam!) is Aileen’s contribution to my new years resolution of teaching myself to walk on heals. So far the only thing I have done with them is take this photograph. Getting on them is like getting on a motorbike, I think I will need a helmet, seriously! Once I find the courage and I am up there, there will definitely be a post. Wish me luck.


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