Walking in the rain

When I lived in Ireland a few years back, it was raining non-stop like forever! Personally, I think that dinosaurs should never have extinct in Ireland, because it is impossible to imagine this place without water. So anyway, this time that we are visiting for only a few weeks the weather is actually pretty good, almost English. And before you pull the England has a bad weather comment, trust me when I say that the English rain compared to how it rains here is like a walk in the park. So husband and I grabbed the opportunity for a walk by the lake in the mild rain. We are also determined to let go of all those calories gained by our Christmas eating.

Unfortunately on this trip, I am totally unprepared for walks in the rain. I have my raincoat and we managed to find me a pair of track leggings in husband's parents' house. They are a size too short but they will have do. I was not so lucky with the shoes so far. I borrowed a pair of trainers yesterday (I am walking every day this week) but turns out my toes were majorly squashed. Today, I used my own boots. The overall style was unreal, but it worked. The only problem is that my boots are getting ruined from the mud. Anyway, to cut the long story short this are a few snaps of what we saw.


  1. Oh Irleand...It must be a wonderful place. My great-grandfather was irish, so maybe that's why it attracts me so much. Wonderful pictures.

  2. So you have it in your genes! It is very pretty as long as you can get past the fact that it is very wet too!