A potpourri of memories from our Australian visit

+  I had lemongrass tea in this cafe in Leederville, Perth. I started liking Perth after this day.
+   My husband comes from a town in Ireland called Killarney. The Killarney in the photograph is on the coast to Melbourne, we were very impressed.
+  Some flags that caught my eye in Victor Harbor. 
+  While driving around the Australian South Coast we ate donuts and had loads of orange juice.
+  Our last evening in Melbourne and we still had not bothered taking any photographs of the city.
+  They really did, day after day! And then I took the photograph.
+  Melbourne's luna park around the corner from where we stayed. We never went in, we just stood at the entrance and said cheese.
+  Outside Melbourne Museum on our way to the cinema. We watched Mission Impossible on a 6 storey height screen and noticed that Tom Cruise is after putting on a bit of a weight.  
+  Did you know that koalas wake up at dusk? Very inconvenient for the photographs!


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